Students throng Science Express in Udhampur

JAMMU Updated Mon, 26 Nov 2012 11:29 AM IST
Students are flocking to the ''Science Express'', a specially designed train showcasing the latest technological advancements at Udhampur railway station in Jammu and Kashmir.

Over 4,000 people, mostly students from various schools, thronged the train to have a glimpse of over 300 images, 150 video clips and multimedia exhibits highlighting cutting edge research in Science and Technology since its arrival on November 22, district officials said.

The exhibition on wheels, being showcased since October 2007, was conceived by Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Germany''s Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the Max Planck Society.

The exhibition is being coordinated by Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Ahmedabad.District Development Commissioner, Udhampur, P K Pole, who inaugurated the exhibition, said it would provide an opportunity to students with a scientific bent of mind to know the glorious legacy of India and future programmes in Science and Technology.

He said it would also help to develop scientific thinking among the youth and encourage them to pursue a career in science.

Giving details of the exhibition, Project Coordinator, Science Express, said most of the exhibits were developed by the Max Planck Society, Germany''s Nobel Laureates Powerhouse while a few are indigenous.

India''s achievements in IT, Biotech, Space and Nanotechnology, besides film shows on innovations, inventions, discoveries and topical issues are also on display at the Science Express.


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