Thane Police to instal drop boxes in colleges

MUMBAI Updated Tue, 25 Dec 2012 02:28 PM IST
Thane Police to instal drop boxes in colleges
To curb the growing menace of eve teasing, sleuths of the neighbouring Thane (rural) police have come out with a novel idea of providing ''complaint boxes'' at educational institutions.

The girls can drop their complaints in the box providing details like spot, name, address and timings, so that the police can take necessary action. However, the complainant has the option of concealing her identity, police said.

While identity of those who provide vital information to police about criminal activities through complaint boxes would not be revealed, officials will file suo moto First Information Report if the complaints were serious.

The first phase of the project will see installation of drop boxes at colleges between Mira Road and Virar, following which this facility will be introduced at schools and coaching classes
across the district.

Such boxes have already been installed in a couple of colleges in Mira Road. “It is generally noticed that victims of eve-teasing are reluctant to come forward due to various reasons including social stigma.

Such exercise would surely help curb such incidents,” said Additional Superintendent of Police Sangramsingh Nishandaar.


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