Audi opens world's biggest audi dealership in Dubai

DUBAI Updated Mon, 26 Nov 2012 03:57 PM IST
Audi opens world's biggest audi dealership in Dubai
Audi has proved itself to be one of the most innovative and fastest growing auto brands globally. Audi success stories are a dime a dozen but we recently saw Audi pull off one that captured our interest. Audi has opened up a new dealership in Dubai, UAE that is the biggest in the world. While that itself is an interesting piece of news, what captured our interest more was how the dealership has been built and showcased.

The dealership structure was built by Audi's local dealer, Al Nabooda Automobiles and has been structured to look more like an amusement park than a car dealership. The 3-story building will have a base showroom floor space of 8,700 sq. meters and will display up to 57 new car models. The 2nd floor of the building is dubbed the “Exclusive portfolio”, where those who can afford it, can approach personal consultants from Quattro GmbH. Additionally the floor also contains extensive material and colour samples of Audi cars.

The dealership, dubbed as 'Audi Terminal' holds an even better surprise on its 3rd floor. Loyal Audi patrons and those with the kind of money to support the Audi passion can head to the 3rd floor for to design their very own Audi. This is a growing trend in the oil-rich Middle Eastern countries where the locals often desire their very own unique and personal car. While this is usually done at an after-market parts store, Audi has decided to capitalise on this growing demand and offer customers a more personalised and exclusive experience.

The Audi Terminal also features floor-to-ceiling television screens for the Audi range of cars and prayer rooms for the Islamic oriented country. The dealership was inaugurated by Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Sales and Marketing, and K. Rajaram, Chief Executive Officer of Al Nabooda Automobiles. Pop singer Jennifer Lopez was present at the occasion as well.


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