Rajsthan govt to give free laptops to university toppers

JAIPUR Updated Wed, 21 Nov 2012 10:43 AM IST
Rajsthan govt to give free laptops to university toppers
Rajasthan government would give free laptops to toppers in graduate and post graduate courses in state universities, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said today.

Speaking at a function in Rajasthan University, Gehlot said the government would give laptops to students securing top positions in all the streams at graduate and post graduate level in the state universities.

He directed the department of higher education to collect information about toppers from the universities.

He said the government had earlier taken decision to award laptops to top 10,000 students of (each) 10th and 12th state board examinations, and scholarship of Rs 500 per month to top top one lakh students of class XII state board.

Stating that the government was keen to promote the use of Information Technology, he said three-per cent of the total budget of every state department had been earmarked exclusively for this purpose.


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