Yedla C Simhadri is new Patna University VC

PATNA/PTI Updated Fri, 31 Jan 2014 10:52 AM IST
Yedla C Simhadri was on Thursday appointed the new Vice Chancellor (VC) of Patna University while Mohammad Ishtiyaque was chosen to head Magadh University.

They were among the 10 VCs whose names were finalised after a meeting between Governor D Y Patil and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar this evening which was attended by Bihar

education minister P K Shahi, a statement from Rajbhawan said here.

Simhadri is a member of the Uniform Single Code Bill Committee of the Centre. Ranjit Kumar Verma has been selected as pro VC of Patna University. Rash Bihari Prasad Singh has been appointed VC of Nalanda Open University, Patna.

The appointment of VCs and Pro VCs in Bihar came months after the Supreme Court had last year struck down appointments of many VCs including that of Shambhu Nath Singh of

Patna University done by the previous Chancellor of Universities and Governor Vikram Konwar.

The apex court had directed to make fresh appointments in consultation with the state government.


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