Petitions filed seeking stay of KPSC exams

BANGALORE Updated Wed, 28 Nov 2012 11:57 AM IST
A batch of writ petitions were on Tuesday filed in the Karnataka high court seeking stay of Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) examinations as these overlapped with several exams including UPSC.

The petitions filed by Vishwanath and six other applicants for the posts of gazetted officers came up before Justice Venugopala Gowda.

The petitioners sought stay of the KPSC examinations scheduled to be conducted from December 15 as these overlapped with those scheduled to be conducted by the forest department for the post of Range Forest Officers (RFOs), from December 18 to December 20 and also those conducted by the UPSC and CSIR.

Counsel for KPSC submitted that the board was holding a meeting tomorrow to consider whether such a stay was possible.The court then adjourned the petitions to November 29 for further hearing.


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