Now, solar-powered bonsai to charge your mobile

LONDON Updated Tue, 04 Dec 2012 04:13 PM IST
Now, solar-powered bonsai to charge your mobile
A French designer has created a unique bonzai tree that will not only look pretty on your coffee table but also charge your mobile and other gadgets using solar energy.

Created by designer Vivien Muller, 'The Electree+' has 27 miniature silicon solar panels - or 'leaves' - that can be arranged in any style the users want to create their own unique tree.

The designer said he was inspired to make the product after observing real trees, noticing that their leaves acted as natural solar panels.

The base of the device conceals a battery that stores the solar energy and at full capacity it can hold enough power to charge an iPad twice and can charge a phone in just four hours, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

The tree conceals a USB connection underneath its wood-topped base unit.Muller is waiting to receive 400 presale orders for the product before commencing production.

The bonsai tree will cost 283 pounds.


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