Kalam to inaugurate symposium

HYDERABAD Updated Fri, 30 Nov 2012 11:50 AM IST
Kalam to inaugurate symposium
Three-day International Symposium on '' cost effective museum exhibits in Engineering and Applied Sciences will be held at the B M Biral Science (BMBS) Centre in the city from November 30.

The prestigious event, which is jointly organised by the Hyderabad-based section of IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and Hyderabad-based Science Centre, will be inaugurated by Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam, BMBS Centre Director-General H G Sidharth told a news conference here today.

Science Museum experts from 25 countries and from India will be attending this global symposium and sharing very valuable information in the field of science and technology in the symposium,he said.

The exhibits are targeted for audience of ages 8-18 and the symposium will concentrate on development of museum exhibits that in addition to their intrinsic intellectual and educational value, are modular, replicable, transportable and affordabel, Dr Sidharth added.


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