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IIM-A board likely to shortlist names for director's post

AHMEDABAD Updated Thu, 27 Dec 2012 10:46 AM IST
IIM-A board likely to shortlist names for director's post
The governing board meeting of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) tomorrow is likely to shortlist three candidates for the post of new B-school director, out of over six recommended by its search committee, official sources said here.
Professors from the institute in race for the coveted post are Sebastian Morris, Rakesh Basant, Shailendra Mehta, Rekha Jain and Arvind Sahay, among others, shortlisted by the IIM-A board Chairman-headed search committee.

The appointment of new IIM-A director has got delayed, as the names of new candidates could not be finalised by the A M Naik headed IIM-A board, ahead of incumbent director Dr Samir Barua's five-year term expiring in November this year, sources said today.

Dr Barua has been granted three months' extension and is currently continuing as IIM-A director.

"Tomorrow the chair-headed search committee will suggest the names of candidates for the post of new IIM-A director, and the board will shortlist three names," official sources told reporters here.

"The names would be forwarded by the board to Union ministry of HRD, which in turn would send it to the cabinet committee for approval," they added.

L&T Managing Director A M Naik-headed search committee, constituted at IIM-A to select a suitable candidate for the post of institute director, comprises — Rama Bjipurkar, Ashank Desai of Mastek, Dr Hashit Joshipura of GSK Pharma and Sanjay Lalbhai, CMD Arvind group.


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