HRD Minister launches e-content for 7 undergraduate subjects

NEW DELHI/PTI Updated Wed, 29 Jan 2014 04:08 PM IST
HRD Minister launches e-content for 7 undergraduate subjects
Union HRD Minister M M Pallam Raju on Wednesday launched online courseware for seven undergraduate subjects and asked the state boards to improve quality of education and related infrastructure.

"There is an urgent need for improving quality of education and for upgradation of infrastructure for enhancement of educational system in India,” he said at the event.

The courseware has been prepared by Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) on subjects like Anthropology, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Photography, Environmental Studies and History.

E-content on Botany had been launched earlier. The modules are available on CEC''s web portal- and HRD portal-

CEC is an Inter-University Centre of UGC on electronic media.

CEC had initiated the production of e-content under the National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT), a plan project of HRD Ministry.

It develops e-content courseware in various subjects as per the UGC model curricula for undergraduate students in collaboration with its 22 media centres.

This digital content is available online and includes the topic video, its objective, full transcript, text, assignment, FAQs and references available in downloadable format.

Presently, CEC is engaged in developing e-content for nearly 90 under graduate subjects.


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