Hindu Business Line launches new paper for college students

KOLKATA Updated Tue, 04 Dec 2012 10:25 AM IST
With a view to bringing back more college going students into the habits of newspaper reading for a better career prospect, the Hindu Business Line newspaper Group today launched a new eight page daily called ''Business Line-On Campus''.

Launching the new full size daily here, Coal India Limited (CIL) Chairman and Managing Director S Narsing Rao underscored the need for bridging the constantly widening gap between the bookish knowledge of a student of higher education and the prospect of finding a suitable job by him in the present fiercely competitive environment of employment opportunity.

“From our practical experiences in the industry we have found that there is a steady diminishing trend among the students to read newspapers and be conversant of the latest development in the technological advancement of the country, though most of them are pretty sound in their bookish knowledge,” said Mr Rao.

As such under the present circumstances, the arrival of a job and career opportunity centric newspaper like ''Business Line On Campus'' was expected to go a long way in generating
more interest among the college going students about the urgency of reading newspapers on daily basis, observed the CIL Chief.

Echoing similar sentiment that the urge to ''thoroughly read'' newspapers by the students was steadily declining,Principal of the renowned St Xavier College here Rev Father J Felix Raj highlighted the growing importance of newspaper industry, particularly the business newspapers, in the present era of industrial and economic growth of the nation.

''It is very regrettable that the habit of reading newspapers even by the Commerce students of St Xavier college have gone down from over 98 per cent in late 1990s to less than 13 per cent now'', Dr Felix Raj said quoting a latest survey done by his institute.

Calling for the need for an immediate reversal of the current trend (of not reading newspapers regularly) among the higher education student community across the country, Dr Felix Raj hoped that the initiative taken by the Hindu Business Line Group would go a long way in achieving that goal.


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