Government approves scheme for setting up 20 IITs in public private partnership mode

NEW DELHI Updated Thu, 06 Dec 2012 12:02 PM IST
Govt. approves scheme for setting up 20 IITs in public private partnership mode
Government has approved a scheme for setting up 20 IITs in PPP mode with an overall outlay of Rs 2,808.71 crore, the Lok Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

In a written reply, Union minister of state for HRD Shashi Tharoor said, "While land for the purpose would be made available free of cost by state governments concerned, an IIT would be established at a capital cost of Rs 128 crore each to be contributed in ratio of 50:35:15 by centre, state and industry partner respectively."

On entry of corporate sector in technical education, he said, "AICTE has allowed public/private limited company/ industries with 100 crore turnover for last three years to establish a new technical institution in engineering and technology, pharmacy, architecture and town planning, hotel management and catering technology."

Replying to a separate question on pending cases of new IITs, he said, "Based on the recommendations of Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister and also having regard to the regional imbalance, government during 11th Five Year Plan established eight new IITs."

These institutes were opened in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

"Proper connectivity, physical infrastructure and basic facilities have been kept in view while deciding locations for setting up these IITs," Tharoor said.

On closure of technical colleges, he said in 2011-12, 140 institutes were closed and 540 new ones were opened.

"Similarly, in year 2012-13, 79 institutes were closed and 210 new institutes were opened," he said.

In reply to a query on suicide cases in IITs, he said, "There are 15 cases of suicides that have been reported during the last three years and the current year."


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