Get your hands on 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2012' apparel

NEW DELHI Updated Tue, 27 Nov 2012 01:45 PM IST
An exclusive clothing line for Zee TV's flagship music reality show "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2012" has been launched in association with apparel brand Provogue.

With licensing becoming an integral form of marketing and brand extension, the channel decided to announce an exclusive clothing line to engage its viewers further.

"'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' is a cult programme on Indian television which, over the last 18 years, has generated a huge following. The programme is iconic in its appeal. Our partnership with Provogue has led to building an even stronger relationship with our viewer base," Akash Chawla, Head - Marketing, National Channels, ZEEL, said in a statement.

Provogue is the official wardrobe partner of "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2012", and the brand has designed a clothing line that reflects the multi-faceted persona of the contestants. The exclusive apparel range will retail in 131 Provogue outlets across the country.

The launch comes after the channel managed a successful collaboration with sportswear brand Reebok for its show "Dance India Dance".


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