Delhi University students get ‘special chance’ to clear papers

NEW DELHI Updated Fri, 23 Nov 2012 02:47 PM IST
The Delhi High Court on Thursday directed Delhi University to consider the requests of 31 students of various undergraduate courses for permission to avail of a “special chance” to clear their papers in which they had failed to get pass marks.

Justice G.S. Sistani passed the direction on a petition filed by these students through their counsel Rajeev Saxena submitting that the university decision to deny the ‘special chance’ to them was sudden, arbitrary and violative of the due procedure.

According to Mr. Saxena, Justice Sistani directed the university to consider the applications of these students and allow them to avail of the special chance to clear their papers if their grievances were found to be genuine. He further directed the university to withhold the results of these students if they are allowed to write the papers and keep them in a sealed cover till disposal of the pending petition.

The petitioners said that the university had on October 10 issued a notification ending the special chance opportunity earlier provided to such students.

They further submitted that the notification was arbitrary, illegal and unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, in a different case, Justice Sistani allowed 38 more post-graduate students of the School of Open Learning of the university to appear in their first semester examinations. 


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