BMW Presents the i3 Concept Coupe Updated Tue, 11 Dec 2012 11:04 AM IST
BMW Presents the i3 Concept Coupe
BMW recently showcased the coupe version of the BMW i3 concept at its world premier. The BMW i3 concept coupe is the first all electric model from the BMW range of cars and is based on the study that was presented by BMW at the Los Angeles Auto Show, 2012. The i3 concept coupe has been designed with contemporary urban mobility in mind.

The exterior boasts a carbon fibre body with a graceful flowing coupe roof line. The side windows too give of an impression of lightness, transparency and streamlined aerodynamics.

The interiors show off the kind of spaciousness that is typically reserved for the BMW i-Series and is combined with an exclusive lounge style. We also have the usual BMW assortment of accessories and gadgets in here. The i3 concept coupe is the first fully networked all-electric car thanks to BMW's ConnectedDrive systems.

The BMW i3 coupe is powered by the same motor as the i3 concept which is all-electric and generates 170bhp along with 250Nm of peak torque. This power heads straight to the i3's rear wheels via means of a single-speed transmission. The battery for the motor has been placed centrally, under the floor of the car in order to minimise the centre of gravity of the car, making it more agile.

Apart from other instances of showcasing the latest technology, the i3 also comes with 3 drive settings; the Comfort mode, Eco Pro mode and the Eco Pro+ mode. The sportiness and comfort of the BMW i3 concept coupe can be best experienced in the standard Comfort setting.

Eco Pro mode places the focus more towards economical energy management for an increased range and even cleaner performance. The accelerator mapping is modified, for example, so that the same pedal travel delivers less power. Changing from Comfort to Eco Pro mode can extend the vehicle’s range by as much as 20 per cent.


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