Akhilesh announces schemes for Madarsas

LUCKNOW/PTI Updated Wed, 29 Jan 2014 10:48 AM IST
Akhilesh announces schemes for Madarsas
In an apparent bid to woo Muslims, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today announced hike in honorarium paid to Madarsa teachers and the establishing of awards for them.

“the honorarium of Madarsa teachers will be hiked... It has been decided, but we have to work out on the amount,” Akhilesh said, addressing a conference of Madarsa managers and principals here.

He said that on the lines of awards given to teachers of primary and secondary schools, an awards scheme for good Madarsa teachers would also be set up.

“The government will formulate a Madarsa manual within two months. We will also ensure timely payment of salaries to Madarsa teachers. Competitions for Madarsa students will also be started,” he said.

The government, CM said, would also accept the demand of providing jobs to the kin of deceased employed in Madarsas.

Akhilesh said that work to elevate standard of education at ITI and polytechnic institutes would also be done.

Attacking the previous BSP regime, Yadav said that during the earlier regime, there was loot and corruption. Since SP had formed the government, it had tried to put state on the track of development.

“Inquiries are going on regarding the loot done in the previous regime. A number of people are in jail also. The inquiries will be completed in due course,” he said.

“We have fulfilled almost all the promises we have made in our manifesto in less than two years and are returning public money to the people,” he said.

Attacking the opposition, Yadav said that a lot of charges were being made against the government by the opposition parties as they were afraid of the achievements of the government.


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