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Punjab govt. starts placement portal for students

{"_id":"3bf68256-4418-11e2-9941-d4ae52bc57c2","slug":"punjab-goverenment-starts-placement-portal-for-students","type":"story","status":"publish","title_hn":"Punjab govt. starts placement portal for students"}


Updated Thu, 13 Dec 2012 11:17 AM IST
Punjab govt. starts placement portal for students
The Punjab government today started a 'placement portal' for the benefit of students of various ITIs, polytechnic and engineering colleges in the state to provide more employment opportunities to students.
"The portal would provide information about the alumni, their achievements, career services, alumni facilities, seminars and guest lectures/workshops and the trade wise positions available in industries," principal secretary, Technical Education Department, S S Channi said here.

Channi said that to motivate more alumnus to join this portal and for their working as brand ambassadors, awards for the 'alumni of the year' and 'legend alumni' would be introduced in due course of time.

He said that it has been mandatory for all the technical educational institutions to upload all the information about the admission and placement of students.

The principal secretary said that with the launch of this portal, it would become easy for department to collect the information about the placed students as well as the job seekers studying in all technical educational government institutions.

The funds sanctioned under this project are Rs 60 crore at the moment and are likely to be increased further in the coming period, he added.
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