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Include moral education in school education


Updated Wed, 05 Dec 2012 10:09 AM IST
Chhattisgarh government today pressed for inclusion of moral education in school curriculum.
Speaking at the 50th meeting of general council of the NCERT here, Chhattisgarh School Education Minister Brijmohan Agrawal urged NCERT to issue guidelines for inclusion of the moral education in school curriculum.

“It is necessary to impart knowledge about human rights, moral and national values in school as they play a positive role in shaping the life of a child. The NCERT should take up the matter and issue guidelines for including these subjects in the school curriculum,” he said.

Taking up the issue of late distribution of NCERT textbooks in states, Agrawal said royalty payment taken by NCERT on reprinting of its textbooks in states contributes to delay in printing and distribution of books.

Demanding immediate abolition of royalty payment on reprinting of NCERT books, the minister said the Centre should not take any royalty from state governments on printing of textbooks as these are only published for educational purpose.

Human Resources Development Minister M M Pallam Raju and Minister of State Shashi Tharoor were present at the meeting attended by education ministers and other dignitaries.
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