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Buddhist University to be given international-level identity


Updated Fri, 30 Nov 2012 02:59 PM IST
Buddhist University to be given international-level identity
Madhya Pradesh Culture minister Laxmikant Sharma has said that efforts will be made to give an international-level identity to Buddhist and Indic Studies University to be established at Sanchi in Raisen district .
“Sanchi is a special place for Buddhists living all over the world. Madhya Pradesh government will extend every possible cooperation to scholars who will undertake research on Buddhism and other religions,” Mr Sharma said while addressing the inaugural function of three-day Mahabodhi Mahotsav at Sanchi.

The Minister said Sanchi was a major centre of education and dissemination of Buddhism in ancient times. Best specimens of Buddhist art are found in Sanchi. The entry gate of Sanchi Stupa depicting life, incidents and anecdotes of previous incarnationis important from archaeological point of view.

He said roots of religion and culture are very deep in the state. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan''s initiative to establish Buddhist and Indic Studies University was his commitment to peace, he added Followers of Buddhism from Indian and 11 countries are participating in the three-day Mahabodhi Mahotsav, held in November every year.
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